1. UKJay43's Avatar
    What just happened to me is like something out of a Twilight Zone experience.

    I installed the Mobile Lite Version (which sadly is found in the App Store and purported to work on either Storm-9530 or 9550).

    I installed it and get this: It deactivated my touch screen interface. It completely locked up the touch screen rendering it not even 'clickable'.

    My wife and I both got our Storm 2's Friday and we LOVE THEM! AMAZING touchscreen device. Today we installed Invisible Shield on both of them. When driving home from the install center, I downloaded Salesforce Mobile from the App Store. I have been using Salesforce through my company for 5 years and had it installed on my Storm 1. It worked perfectly well!

    Upon SF installing it FUBARED my phone beyond recognition. Pulling the battery 5x and waiting for it to boot up. At boot up and passing the verifying security software stage it just made the touch screen stop working. Never-ever seen anything like it. Of course once that happened, the phone "red-lighted me" and re-booted.

    I just did a Clean Wipe and am reinstalling .320. Sadly I didn't have a back up yet because my new OS wasn't even installed on my PC. Back to the drawing board.

    For some of the VETS/GURU's here, have you ever heard of anything like this happening? I'm serious. My screen stopped clicking. It just went dead. Upon re-booting, the capacitive screen "enabled" again and become clickable. As soon as it verified security software, the screen stopped clicking and went dead.

    Amazing how we learn these things when we are early adopters. Stay tuned for my very thorough review of the device as a previous Storm 1 user from Nov 20th, 2008.(the first day it went on sale).
    11-01-09 10:22 PM
  2. The Antagonist's Avatar
    Never seen anything that bad, but I've definitely seen incompatible apps fubar the 9530 and send it into perpetual reboots.

    A future tip to avoid a wipe is booting the phone in safe mode. If it works the same as Storm1, you wait for the phone to start its reboot then hold down the back key the entire time. This will boot to safe mode and you can go in and delete the incompatible app and reboot again.
    11-01-09 10:26 PM