1. glenn440's Avatar
    Ok - where to start

    9550 on Rogers Network in Canada - originally a Verizon unlocked phone bought on Ebay.

    Better phone that the original Storm I had - no more pocket dialing!

    Phone works fine most of the time with a few compalints.

    Sometime (usually the most important) incoming calls the phone only rings once and goes to voicemail - scoured the settings on phone - tried almost everything - settings seem correct? Help!!!!

    Thought I would update to newest OS - last night dl's
    Got it installed.
    Now phone does not show up when patching into my PC - nothing on Windows Explorer???? WTF? Still not sure if this upgrade has cured one ring problem.

    Got Trekbuddy nav app installed but can not tinker with it because of no access to it in Windows explorer.
    Is this my best option for no data plan GPS?
    All help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
    12-30-12 10:57 AM
  2. glenn440's Avatar
    Not sure if it matters or not but i also have no SD card installed.
    12-30-12 10:59 AM

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