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    iOS meets Blackberry. Like never before.
    With every graphic made from scratch and perfectly sized for each device, iLike is the crispest iOS experience yet. Experience features never before seen on a Blackberry theme such as unique wallpapers on Lock and Home screens and entirely custom Phone screens.

    Get the most out of your Lock screen.
    Have your Home wallpaper show through or set a unique Lock wallpaper, separate from your Home wallpaper. Just like on iOS.
    -- To do so simply rename an image in your Pictures or Camera folder to "iLikelock", and iLike will use it as your Lock wallpaper.

    Animations like never before.
    iLike includes never before seen animations on the Home screen. Watch your icons fly in and out just like on iOS when you hide and show your icons. See your wallpaper and banner slide up just like on iOS when the Options panel is activated.

    The most customizable, wallpaper-friendliest iOS theme yet.
    Have the freedom to set up your phone the way you want. With iLike you can choose to hide all the icons, or just 1 row. You can choose to hide the dock, choose to have icon names hidden, choose to have a weather slot, and choose to hide or show your Today panel. You can even match your wallpaper by choosing from 5 built-in colors on the Home screen.

    Highly versatile and simple to navigate.
    From your Home screen access up to 17 icons plus more applications via shortcut keys and banner items. Swipe to the right from your icons to find your upcoming Calendar items and latest Text Messages. Alternatively, use the paged circles to navigate between your Icons, Today Area and Settings Panel (animated).

    * Custom Call and Lock screens.
    * Highest quality graphics.
    * Hideable icons, icon names and Today panel.
    * Unique never before seen animations on the Home screen.
    * Set unique wallpapers for Lock and Home screens.
    * Immersive experience - even Message icons are skinned.
    * User-defineable font.

    Clickable Banner.
    Time opens Clock/Alarm, Notifications opens Messages, Banner opens Profiles, Signal opens Manage Connections, Battery opens Options.

    Home Screen Shortcuts:
    (Where icons will be) - Show icons
    (Escape) - Hide icons
    (Show/Hide dock) - Toggle via Options Panel on Home (wrench) and then press left above the dock

    Additional Home screen Shortcuts:
    (0) First icon on application page
    (L) Profiles
    (K) Calendar
    (O) Options
    (M) Messages
    (N) BBM
    ($) SMS
    (@) Manage Connections

    As always we love to hear your feedback!
    Let us know what you think and feel free to post some shots.



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    A few comments : first , seems to be big memory drain/leak. Also all custom settings made in options panel get changed to some default after a reset. Also still not clear what the weather toggle in options panel is supposed to do. Larger banner hot spots , eg. Profiles would be easier to see and change.

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    07-24-11 11:56 AM
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    Huge memory drain. Had to delete theme. Too bad. Aesthetically beautiful theme with too many usability issues.
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    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    07-24-11 05:25 PM
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    Trying to set this up on my phone. Need an instruction book! lol Really I am having trouble figuring out how it all works.
    07-28-11 03:04 PM
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    Trying to set this up on my phone. Need an instruction book! lol Really I am having trouble figuring out how it all works.
    It's pretty intuitive, but there are instructions in the first post above and here:
    iLike | iOS meets Blackberry like never before. - Themes BlackBerry Software

    You need to touch the small options icon (near the bottom) and this will open the options panel.
    If you still have problems, you should ask a specific question so it can be answered.
    07-28-11 04:14 PM
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    Gr8 theme, Im not noticing any memory leaks, thnk god, but a few points
    1. the 1st app in the app list does not show on the homescreen... i thought there would be a hotspot for it on the homescreen for us 95xx users.
    2. the lockscreen wallpaper rotates in landscape view so it is perpendicular to screen orientation.
    08-07-11 11:32 PM