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    A slight twist to my original NEW JERSEY DEVILS Theme for the Storm/Storm2 with sliding doors in both portrait and landscape orientations PLUS a Hidden Today feature.

    Here are photos and an explanation below...

    Portrait mode: Looks like 2 Closed Doors with Devels Logo. "Touch" the left side of the hockel puck and the 2 sliding doors open to the home screen. Two hidden sliding docks rise from the bottom. The bottom 4 icons are device application order so user selects. Top 3 icons are fixed on Email, Calendar, and Phone Log for the hidden today. No SMS since multithreaded SMS doesn't appear to work with Hidden Today in 5.0 OS. The 4th icon "CLOSE" in this group is to close everything up. The 3 icons for the Hidden today, when "touched", darken the background for the text to show up more clearly. Any other buttons restore the lighter background.[/SIZE]

    Just like in portrait mode, landscape has the 2 Closed Doors with the Stanley Cup Trophy and Devils Logo. "Touch" the bottom right part of the logo and the 2 sliding doors open to the 2nd home screen. Here 7 Icons rise from the bottom... "Touch" the same area again on homescreen and it closes back up.

    No slowdown of device. Everything is perfectly smooth. Tested on V5.0.0.419.

    Incoming Call Screens

    And lock screens...

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    02-15-10 07:29 PM