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    Hey all,

    As a celebration of our very first game release (Go Go Giraffe) from our sister company, Strapped to a Meteor, were giving away free themes to anyone who shows their support by helping us spread the word!

    Go Go Giraffe is going to be available on Apple App Store, April 1st (this Friday). We'd like to have a BlackBerry version too but until then, if you've got an iPod or perhaps even an iPhone, be sure to check it out for yourself as well!


    Follow Strapped to a Meteor on Twitter or Facebook and mention Go Go Giraffe game to your friends and followers to get 1 free Elecite theme.

    Thats it. Special promo code will be emailed to you shortly after.


    1. All submissions must be sent to im (at) strappedtoameteor (dot) com by April 1st.

    2. The email must include your username and a link to a Twitter/Facebook post that you made.

    3. However you mention the game just remember, you must include the names Go Go Giraffe, Strapped to a Meteor and Available on Apple App Store April 1st.

    Thanks for all of your support guys! Dont forget to grab a copy of Go Go Giraffe, April 1st on Apple App Store and hopefully we'll have it available for BlackBerry soon!

    Would love to hear first thoughts and impressions from all of ya
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    03-30-11 07:12 PM
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    Hello, I got them email about this offer. Followed Strapped to a Meteor on Twitter and also tweeted about the game like the email said. I sent in the links last Thursday to your reply email. I haven't recieved a free theme link yet. I was wondering if you guys are still sorting through everything right now?
    04-02-11 02:12 PM
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    you got them email?
    04-03-11 10:39 PM
  4. lovecrack's Avatar
    Same here, I did everything on the list and have not heard back.
    04-04-11 01:01 AM
  5. lovecrack's Avatar
    Got the email, thanks for the free theme. Shift is amazing. Thanks again

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    04-05-11 12:24 PM