1. chrisyng's Avatar
    Decided that there were enough changes from my original theme to start a new thread about the update.

    I've added some screenshots as well as hotspot layout description.

    As always, any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Hope you enjoy the new version

    BTW: The previous version is still available for OTA download, the link is in m previous thread.

    Link for OTA:MyBBOTA.com Download - scdocktoday
    08-05-10 05:06 PM
  2. Nashstruck's Avatar
    Wow mate! Big ups on this one! Loved ur previous one. but this is even better! Sleeker.. More organized with more hotspots and functions whilst still appearing clean and slick without lag.

    Nice job! Thx.

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    08-05-10 08:07 PM
  3. golf18's Avatar
    Loving it! Gets better and better... okay here it goes.
    It's still a bit awkward to get rid of the calendar balloon so are you able to set it to SHOW/HIDE when tapped? The Small Message icon on the center left does nothing but could be used to go into "MESSAGES". Oh and if this could be lowered a bit since these get covered when using WB H/L feature activated.
    If I could figure how to add a screenshot I could show you.
    Thanks as always!
    08-05-10 09:13 PM
  4. adognamedsam#AC's Avatar
    I am not sure that I have enough words to say how much that I appreciate this theme. I have paid more than I want to remember for themes that I have deleted and you have given me a free them that I can hardly believe. I want to donate, so you can certainly give out that info if you wish. You are so very kind to do this. You are so talented that I would kick myself if I didn't try to go for the perfect theme, so please! please! don't take this as any criticism, it is only my wish list!!
    I love the alarm icon to be bright, like red "Alarm" or "Armed", and the only other thing is the homescreen doesn't have the BW temp or the Battery Ex % on it, it just on the application screen. You have done just a superb job on this theme, and please don't think I don't appreciated what you have done, just a stupid wish list on my part. Thanks so much---- you are one of a kind in my book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    08-05-10 10:26 PM
  5. lostmarbles10's Avatar
    i really wanna try this theme out i love the way it looks but i can't get the ota 2 work on my storm 2...i get an error every time..."http error 403:forbidden" anyone else having this problem?
    08-06-10 10:33 AM
  6. StorminMama's Avatar
    I love this theme! I just can't get the dock to hide. The part of the screen with those directions on the download page is cut off for me.

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    08-06-10 02:28 PM
  7. golf18's Avatar
    To hide is left of clock... see his screenshot. You CLICK it.
    08-06-10 02:30 PM
  8. teostar's Avatar
    this theme is 100% better than the last version. just a few suggestions
    1. the hidden spots 1-2 I'd put in the bottom banner and allow 3 to be the space below the dock. (sumtimes its a lil hard to find #3 to hide the dock)
    2. the profiles icon just doesnt mesh with the other icons (maybe its jus me)
    3. can a hotspot be made to click to go to the app screen(maybe the entire area from where the dock would cover up to just below the BW and profiles buttons up top.

    otherwise this ones a winner. great job.
    08-06-10 04:36 PM
  9. chrisyng's Avatar
    Another new update has arrived..

    Many thanks again for your suggestions and comments..It's only making for a better theme..

    So in this update you will find -

    * Sound Profile Icons have been remade to blend with the rest of the theme and icons better

    * Alarm indicator is now a bright red

    * App Names now appear under the icons in the hidden dock. This should allow those with berryweather 1.5 or meterberry to see status updates now (like temp etc..)

    * Hidden button in the center to take you to the main App Screen when the hidden dock is hidden.

    I've got a bunch of other ideas I want to throw out for you opinions, however I've got to quickly run out of the house for now.. Just wanted to post up the new OTA link and get this version out to you guys...
    I'll comeback with my thoughts later..

    New Updated link :

    MyBBOTA.com Download - scdock

    Have a great weekend!
    08-07-10 07:08 PM
  10. adognamedsam#AC's Avatar
    Fantactic Update. Thanks so much. This is on my storm for a long time. I cannot wait for your new ideas. Thanks.

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    08-07-10 09:50 PM
  11. JJAHL's Avatar
    Love this theme. Only complaint is that the alarm icon covers the time. Plenty of room for it just left of the time. Other then that I'm loving it.
    08-07-10 10:23 PM
  12. chrisyng's Avatar
    Well one more update,and perhaps this could be the last update for this current theme before moving onto the next one..

    *I forgot that some people had their clocks set to 24hour clock rather than 12hr, this allowed for the alarm icon to overlap the time. I have now changed the indicator. When you have the alarm set, the whole clock area will be in a hue of red, when it is turned off, clock area is normal translucent black

    *I was not completely happy with the look of the hidden dock, so I just remade it.. very subtle changes to the spacing, colour and focus, but i'm happier with it now.

    *some fonts in different areas were changed to better legibility.

    *hiding the dock and calendar requires just touching the hotspot now, rather than clicking the screen.. I found it confused too many people.. I think I actually put this in the last update and forgot to mention it

    *a bunch of changes in the actual .svg files of the theme to get rid of some unneeded code.. I think this had enhanced performance a little bit..

    Now, what next?
    Well here's a few thoughts in my head.

    * make a version for users who do not use berryweather 2.0's wallpaper feature. I can put a visible app spot on the top center of the screen where users can drop in the berryweather app.

    * Add another dock.. I have been working on another version of the theme with a 2nd 10 slot hidden dock. currently you launch the hidden dock by touching the right side of the screen. with the 2 dock version, you can launch the second hidden dock by touching the left sde of the screen instead.
    Is there a need for another dock? this would give you access to 20 slots from the homescreen. It make be overkill. so far from my testing, the extra code slows things down a touch..

    * Get away from this layout and make something completely different.. I'm not that creative of a guy, so I don't know what woud be next...

    You thoguhts and suggestions are greatly appreciated

    Here is the OTA link for the new version:

    MyBBOTA.com Download - Scdockv2_6
    08-08-10 10:42 PM
  13. Ian@Utah's Avatar
    Like the theme! One question though, there is no screen icons that show up if you get new messages, missed calls or BBM's. There is the little place for them on the left of the today section but none show up.
    08-09-10 11:58 AM
  14. chrisyng's Avatar
    Like the theme! One question though, there is no screen icons that show up if you get new messages, missed calls or BBM's. There is the little place for them on the left of the today section but none show up.
    That's odd.. I just checked my phone and they are showing up just fine in the exact area you described. Can anyone else confirm if this is happening with their phones? Did you do a battery pull after loading the theme? You may have to do one to get everything happy (I had some odd quirks until I did this)
    08-09-10 12:03 PM
  15. Ian@Utah's Avatar
    Yup, done the battery pulls. I'll reload and see what happens.
    08-09-10 12:08 PM
  16. adognamedsam#AC's Avatar
    Yes, I have had the same problem. I see the darkened space to the left of the today area, but there are no notification icons.
    08-09-10 12:25 PM
  17. lovecrack's Avatar
    I can see them on mine. I love this theme.

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    08-09-10 02:55 PM
  18. adognamedsam#AC's Avatar
    The notification icons appeared and would disappear throughout the day, but now seem to have stayed on the homescreen. Maybe the theme just has to "settle" in for awhile on some storms.
    08-09-10 05:55 PM
  19. chrisyng's Avatar
    I'm glad to hear things have settled down for you!

    I can now see why not alot of theme builders use the feature of showing app names at the bottom of the icons. It's a bit of a pain to code, but it also seems to be quite a resource hog that slows down a theme.. It may also be causing the notification issue..

    I just finished up a new 2 dock version of this theme, to allow for a second 10 slot hidden dock to come out from the left side. At first I coded this with the app names on the bottom, but the performance was just terrible. I think I'm going to release this version without showing the app names on the bottom. although I may play around a little bit more and see if I can't make the app name version run a little smoother (not too hopefull)

    Adognamedsam: If you are interested in the 2 dock version, but hesistant because of the no app name issue for your berryweather and meterberry, I can add a couple of slots in the upper corners of the screen where you can drop the apps and have them always visible there..
    08-09-10 06:20 PM
  20. Ian@Utah's Avatar
    Still nothing for me!
    08-09-10 06:59 PM
  21. adognamedsam#AC's Avatar
    The two dock option with BW and MB slots with text would be terrific. I will be on the lookout for them. Thanks a lot!!!
    08-10-10 08:58 AM
  22. chrisyng's Avatar
    08-11-10 05:43 PM
  23. BBFanatic1's Avatar
    Gonna grab this one thanks for the free theme
    09-07-10 06:01 PM