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    Her majesty's secret service needs you. As Agent 006, you can be James Bond right hand man. Use the fingerprint scanner to gain access to your homescreen. Very cool and unique animation shows your print scanned, accepted, checked against a database, then granted access. fully customized from the homescreen, to the icons, to the call screens. Your friends will envy how cool this is.

    Landscape homescreen enabled
    Landscape & portrait homescreen scanners are "linked" unlock from either screen and both are unlocked!
    Portrait has slide out dock with 4 icons as well as a custom today screen that slides out from the right.

    Purchase @ CrackBerry | Mobihand

    Normally $4.99
    On sale till 8/5/2011 for $2.99![/CENTER]

    first 10 to Use coupon 006 get it for 75% off... thats $1.25!
    07-28-11 03:28 PM
  2. 2fast4uzx14's Avatar
    Nice job on this one! Fast and lag free with great animations throughout. Exceptional quality in the details on every screen!

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    07-28-11 06:30 PM
  3. nyr88's Avatar
    Anyway to just get the fingerprint scanner lock? Looks awesome!

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    08-03-11 08:59 PM