1. Gaget's Avatar
    When I play a youtube video on my Storm I notice the video is not the best quality but it never is so no big problem. The other thing is the sound. I thought if I put my headphones it it would sound clearer but that wasn't the case either. Anyone else notice this?
    11-24-08 09:38 AM
  2. Zoomer3989's Avatar
    Yeah, when I tried to play youtube vids, it also sounded garbled and screw.
    11-24-08 09:40 AM
  3. HaZe_X's Avatar
    Yes, I have noticed it as well, but the video quality is a lot worse.

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    11-24-08 09:47 AM
  4. kcken's Avatar
    The mobile version of youtube blows.

    Apple got around this by working with youtube to build a decent client for it. Youtube works great on my iPod touch, but doesn't look so great on my Storm.

    Hopefully someone will write a client for us as well....
    11-24-08 10:05 AM
  5. phikai's Avatar
    A client exist on Voda...just not on Verizon...I'm hoping one of them will back it up and upload it somewhere...
    11-24-08 10:06 AM