1. ssjtiamat's Avatar
    OK... some wierd things started happening, and it all seemed to start after signing up for and installing youmail on my Storm 9530. I have since deleted the app. and canceled my account with youmail, but figured I would see if anyone here has seen the same issues.

    Before you jump down my throat, i did do a search, but was unable to find anything related.

    OK.. here it is. Let me first say that I have had no real issues with my phone that could be attributed to my carrier, Verizon. But that being said, not sure where the cause of this issue resides. After I installed Youmail and signed up for it, I would notice that every now and then (actually quite frequently) while on the phone I would hear 1-2 rings, then some strangers voice mail greeting.

    I think it is safe to assume the problem is related to Youmail, esp. since it has not happened since I canceled/deleted. Has anyone esle seen this? If so has anyone found a fix? I would like to use Youmail or something similar, but if that is a side effect of a 3rd party visual voice mail type app.. then forget it.

    Thanks in advance.
    03-30-09 01:47 AM
  2. terpdog's Avatar
    I haven't noticed anything like that but I don't use the youMail app I use the vyMail app. So while you were talking to someone you would hear someone leaving a voicemail in the background?
    03-30-09 05:39 AM