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    I think at this point having both browsers is vital. Some sites like wikipedia and wap crackberry forums are a breeze in opera and a pain in bb browser. Sites based on imagery are no go in opera since you can't zoom or load up the full quality image. The scrollbar works in opera so use that to your advantage in cases where the need arises. Opera will automatically scroll horizontally when you scroll down to text that is indented differently. Can you think of other advantages and disadvantages of these two browsers aside from the obvious non-storm drawback of opera?

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    01-03-09 07:31 AM
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    IMO Opera would be almost perfect (i guess) if a few things were altered:

    1) sure-type would stay on..i hate having to enable it every time after i close opera.
    2) wish the keyboard would show up automatically when clicking in text boxs/entering a link
    3) hmm dunno i cant think of anymore right now.
    4) remembered one, would let me stay on full HTML, not watered-down mobile sets like pocket IE. never lets me stay off mobile view...

    ps i know opera is not made for the storm, thats why im not going crazy if integrated these browsers would be outstanding. but then again, i rather just have Skyfire
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