1. a49erfannn's Avatar
    hello I got my storm which is my first blackberry and I am on my third day and am loving it more each day. It is to late now but am curious what people think of the storms signal reception compared to like a razor? I know there is no comparision to those too but that is what i upgraded to should i expect more bars or less with my storm? I also wanted to know if anyone streams there xm radio from online and if so How do you go about it do i need to add any programs? Thanks for any tips you can send my way!

    02-20-09 09:37 PM
  2. losvaldez's Avatar
    Dunno what to say about reception on the razr and the storm.. Two completely different devices.. I wouldn't worry about it unless your reception doesn't let you receive call or use your data services.. Here is a link on streaming sirius.. It also has instructions for xm.. Read through the post..

    02-20-09 10:00 PM
  3. norcalberryuser's Avatar
    I have had no probs with storm,,had razor and was ok.....BB much better overall.
    02-21-09 02:10 AM
  4. BrianW2007's Avatar
    If I may, I recommend slacker radio mobile for your blackberry. It's free, and it's great.
    02-21-09 02:19 AM