1. SpicytacoTO's Avatar
    Hi all,

    So I got my storm on Dec 22. At first I wasn't sold on it, but each day that I've had it, I love it more and more, and have decided it's a keeper! That said...

    I do have the screen click issue, and while temporarily solved with the card trick, it irritates me and I'd like a device that clicks properly. I played with the live demo in the store, and the screen on that one (MUCH abused, btw, since it's the demo) clicks perfectly with no "fix".

    In all other respects, my Storm has been wonderful. I upgraded to .85 from the .76 version that came with the phone with absolutely no problems. It runs wonderfully with .85. While I had to do a battery pull a couple of times the first couple of days when running .85, I haven't had to do one since then, and it's been a while. My battery life is *outstanding*, the device runs well, the browser is really fast, as is the accelerometer etc. All in all, other than the screen click, my phone is solid.

    So...what would you do? Would you exchange the unit for a new one via on-the-spot exchange at the store (meaning I can ensure that my new device clicks properly *before* activating it), or live with the screen and temp fix?

    The store rep said that he hasn't notice the screen click issues with any of the storms he's sold from the newest batch, and also said that they will continue to exchange devices until the end of January, though even after that they will arrange for a replacement device within the one-year warranty period. So in theory, if I exchange this unit and get one with a screen that clicks well but doesn't run as smoothly I can try again...but do I want to?

    What would you do?
    01-06-09 01:39 PM
  2. HarlyFan's Avatar
    Jan 15th exchange policy will change
    01-06-09 02:00 PM
  3. asmallchild's Avatar
    I wanted an on spot replacement as well. Although I admit I would feel self-conscious ogling a phone for that long in front of others. (Does it click perfectly? How's the screen gap? How are the hardware buttons? Battery issues? Freezing issues? Reboot issues?)

    You could order a replacement in the mail. That ended up costing me $200 that I'm still battling to have removed (I sent my replacement back BEFORE Xmas)

    What did I do ultimately? I ended up sticking with my original with the slight clicking deficiency where the space bar in portrait mode is.
    01-06-09 02:05 PM
  4. MDGirl1984's Avatar
    I was nervous about exchanging my perfect Storm besides the click issue in the corners of the screen (I had the biz card in the back too). The more I thought about it, the more I came to the conclusion that my phone wasn't working as it was supposed to and it needed to be replaced. I took my phone into Verizon and while waiting I played with a display and the click was amazing. I pointed out where my phone didn't click to the tech and he said something about calibrating the screen . To prove my click issue I had him go feel the display model and he was in awe at the difference in the phones. He said he may to have a new phone sent to me, but then he told me to hold on. He came back in five minutes with a brand new storm. I was surprised that it was that easy...I suggest going for it and replacing in the store.
    01-06-09 04:54 PM
  5. deepsky94's Avatar
    Try using electrical tape on the battery cover. It will stay in place, and put the necessary pressure. You won't have to deal with the card falling out, or having to move it to do battery pulls. Just make sure to note where the metal cover touches the grounding points so you don't cover them.
    01-06-09 06:01 PM
  6. SpicytacoTO's Avatar
    Thanks all. I've decided to give it a go and get a replacement. I'm with Telus and right now when you take a Storm in for replacement (as long at it's within 30 days of purchase) you get a brand new one, not a refurb. I was going to head over today, and now we've been hit with a snow storm. Maybe tomorrow.
    01-07-09 10:23 AM
  7. zenit's Avatar
    I wouldnt do it. If electrical tape fix makes it click good, then keep the one you have. My original one started making crunching noises on the upstroke of the screen. The two replacements after my initial one were horrible. One had a button fall out and both had badly sealed screens that let dust get inside of the display.

    IMO if your current one has a good screen seal and can be easily fixed with a shim, just do that. There are phones with much bigger problems out there.
    01-07-09 12:47 PM