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    i just opened up BB desktop manager to back up my device earlier this morning and than a window came up automatically and said would you like to update your device? so i clicked yes because i thought it was a new update.. anyways through the whole process of the upgrading a error came up. than i looked at my phone and it said reload software 507 ive been looking around the web and this site... and some people said that it nuked/bricked the phone.. WTF?!? i didnt do anything wrong and im not trying to d/l a leaked version. someone please help me get me phone back working properly with everything that was on it!

    now i just tried to update it through BB desktop manager and it said Fatal Error. what does that mean
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    someone, anyone... i have searched and didnt find much

    these BB are a pain in the a$$, how the heck is the program gonna say automatic upgrade and than brick my phone in the process of doing the upgrade.. this is bull****
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    I copied this from Pete6 who is a forum mod.

    Error 507 means that there is no OS loaded. It can be fixed quite easily. You just need to download the OS from either Verizon or from the Blackberry site.

    You install this on your PC, run up Desktop Manager and connect your phone. Loading should begin automatically and can take up to 30 mins before you get your phone back.
    02-21-09 03:44 PM
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    Go to THIS and download and install either .75 or .76 to your computer. If you install .76 you need to delete the Vendor .xml file which can be found in C:\ProgramFiles\CommonFiles\ResearchInMotion\Applo ader. Then plug in device>Open DM>Apploader>Add/Remove Programs>Next>Finish. It will install the OS to your device. Afterwards, you need to restore from a previous backup. Hopefully you have made one or you have lost your info.
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    After you get the OS installed and restore your information you need to check out this link--> http://forums.crackberry.com/f135/wh...l-file-120048/

    The part you need to pay attention to is fixing the DM so that it does not automatically check for updates. That is the problem. It will always tell you theres an update. Theres no reason to have it checked because you will know when theres a new update out. You don't need the DM to tell you.

    Edit: bricking is apart of the upgrade process. It happens. Whether official or beta you can brick the device. That is why you back up, because it can happen regardless of the status of the OS.
    02-21-09 03:47 PM
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    Also remember to back up 3rd Party Apps as per CX's tutorial called how to back up 3rd party apps. Often when you brick your BB you will lose the apps even if you have a full backup. I only had to learn that lesson once.

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