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    Hello I am new to Crackberry, I bought a unlocked Verizon model Blackberry Storm 9530. The problem was I had set my password to 3 times fail and I typed my password in correctly 3 times, but it acted as if it was wrong. So it proceeded to wipe everything from the phone even the OS. Now when it boots up when it gets to the blackberry load bar it will get over half-way through then go into WSOD and on the screen will say "Reload Software 513".

    My question is I have been reading about this and how to fix the problem, my only concerns are:

    1: What OS version can I use that wont affect the phone going back to Verizon, or will I have to worry about that since I bought it unlocked, cause when I bought the phone from the guy he had his T-Mobile sim card in as well.

    2: Im using Windows 7 x64 bit and I have read there are alot of issues with DM on x64 bit of Windows 7. Will I have to downgrade my OS to XP just to restore my phone? Or is there a method I can do it on x64 bit of Windows 7.

    Thanks so much for reading this post I brand new to this website so I havent had the chance to read related post to this issue, but If someone knows recent thread post about these things could you provide links to those threads.
    06-14-10 01:46 PM
  2. gregs87's Avatar
    When you reload the software just delete the vendor file from the OS file. If you use Shrink-a-os you can do it with that.

    I am not sure about Windows 7, but there is thread somewhere I have seen...you can just do a search.
    06-14-10 02:03 PM