1. Trafalga's Avatar
    About two months ago I got a storm 9530 (my first blackberry). It may be just my ignorance as a newby, but I'm having trouble with the ringtones. For example, sometimes the ringtone for contact A will play when I receive a message from contact B (B is supposed to have her own different ringtone) In addition, sometimes when I have it set for vibrate only or silent mode, it will still ring. (Pretty embarrasing in a meeting last week!)

    Can anyone help me out please?
    02-25-09 12:02 AM
  2. VagrantHarmonist's Avatar
    If you're on OS .75 there's a bug with the preset sound profiles. The only solutions I've found so far are making a custom profile or upgrading to one of the leaked OSes
    02-25-09 12:06 AM
  3. krazykid6911's Avatar
    What os are you running. This is a known issue on .75. If you have that os you will need to create a custom profile and set everything to vibrate. The random ringtone thing I'm not sure of

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    02-25-09 12:09 AM
  4. krazykid6911's Avatar
    Slow typer lol beat me to it

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    02-25-09 12:10 AM
  5. PMurray633's Avatar
    The bug is still following me around with .109, I have only the phone, and SMS to make a noise, and my GMail still makes a noise...
    02-25-09 12:13 AM
  6. VagrantHarmonist's Avatar
    have you tried reinstalling it? I've read that helps or even before that, try battery pulling?
    02-25-09 12:46 AM
  7. DSGB's Avatar
    I completely wiped my device, removed the OS and reinstalled it... still running .75; I then created a custom profile and all seems to be going well now...
    02-25-09 01:09 AM