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    I got my Blackberry Storm 2 on Saturday before I went on a 10 hour trip from North Carolina all the way up to Pennsylvania on Sunday. I was sitting in the back seat while my parents were driving and listening to music on Pandora while looking on Myspace and Facebook and some websites the whole time except where I had little signal losses. The battery life on this phone is awesome! I only had to plug in the phone once to the car charger and that was when we were an hour out of Pennsylvania! 9 hours of listening to Pandora and scanning Myspace, Facebook and websites and I was down to 15% battery. This is a major upgrade for me since I went from the Curve 8530 to the Storm 2 and the curve always wanted to die on me. I am also running the new OS and everything seems to be going fine! I love my new phone!
    04-14-10 10:51 PM
  2. IAmAuthority's Avatar
    I've had my Storm run marathons of 8 or so hours. It seems as if you're starting with a full battery and depending on your signal strength, 10 hours seems likely.

    What exact OS are you running?

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    04-15-10 11:59 AM
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    This sounds amazing. What OS are you guys running?
    04-18-10 12:25 AM
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    Not the case with me

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    04-18-10 01:03 AM