04-20-10 03:22 AM
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    We do this service to automotive cars. Aston Martins, Corvettes, and the like. Its high quality stuff made by Scotch (3M).

    I would only do it to help the guys out on here, not really to make a profit from this. I always wanted a carbon back but there were talk of them costing upwards of $50-60 to make each. This would be a cheaper alternative and would cost no more then $20 including shipping, only issue would be sending in your battery door to have it performed. (unless you guys know where I can buy them and maybe do a core exchange system?). I know most people are iffy about that kind of thing but I think I have enough ties on here with people to gain some trust, I mean I why would I want to scam people for their battery doors, what would I do with them.

    It would include full clean and surface prep of the factory battery door using a proper wax&grease cleaner and a 3M adhesion promoter. Next the custom cut cover is heated and stretched to fit the back door cover. After it is applied the edges are trimmed to be a perfect fit. It doesn't effect fit of the cover one bit doing it like this.

    We could clear coat it to a gloss finish if wanted, the phones in the pictures are the flat non cleared look. I can post pictures of a cleared 9530 cover if you want. It changes the look completely and give a little bit more protection. Although its 3M and is very durable even without any protection.

    We have done a few iphones, two 9550's and a 9530. All friends of mine. Let me know if you guys would think. Just trying to help the community out, love my BB.

    Maybe if anyone on here knows someone who can cut chrome sticker/decals I can have a blackberry logo cut and placed ontop of the carbon to give it that final OEM look.

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  2. jiggyb's Avatar
    I wouldn't, but I'm sure you'll get people that would.... nice work and good luck.
    03-07-10 09:36 PM
  3. Mr. Orange 645's Avatar
    03-07-10 09:41 PM
  4. jbdale's Avatar
    Thats pretty cool. I would be if I wasn't hidding mine in an Otterbox. I do like what you have done with the vehicles.
    03-07-10 09:43 PM
  5. BuTbKa#IM's Avatar
    I would probably get one of those. Looks nice
    03-07-10 09:47 PM
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    bad link on my end.
    03-07-10 09:55 PM
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    Thats sick for the days im not rocking a case
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    03-07-10 09:58 PM
  8. sc3800gsx's Avatar
    If I could get 10 people to be in for sure I could bring the cost down to 15 shipped each, as material would be cheaper. Other wise it would be $20 each and 5 extra to have it cleared.

    Maybe start a list?

    Turnaround time is same day from when I receive, I can return with priority mail for a small extra cost so you get it back asap. Someone show me where I can find cores for these please
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  9. MaiGuoJie's Avatar
    Those are badass; I'd totally get one if I don't have to send in my backcover..
    03-07-10 10:05 PM
  10. z06mike's Avatar
    This link is better.

    Those look sick! I might be interested.
    03-07-10 10:12 PM
  11. Mr. Orange 645's Avatar
    Sorry...not sure why the link is bad. Just go to Cellular Nationwide Network - 3G, Sony, Panasonic, LG, SonyEricsson, Nokia, Tools, BlackBerry, and check out the Storm2 battery covers. I believe most people have the "Type 1" cover.
    03-07-10 10:19 PM
  12. sc3800gsx's Avatar
    Sorry...not sure why the link is bad. Just go to Cellular Nationwide Network - 3G, Sony, Panasonic, LG, SonyEricsson, Nokia, Tools, BlackBerry, and check out the Storm2 battery covers. I believe most people have the "Type 1" cover.

    cnn.cn doesnt work on my PC???
    03-07-10 10:26 PM
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    I would definitely be interested in this if I wouldn't have to send my battery cover in. I have been looking for a real carbon fiber case to protect the back and sides for my phone and haven't ever been able to find anything for BlackBerry... just the iPhone.

    Anyways, this is probably the closest I would be able to get! I would be willing to pay the extra cost of a new OEM battery door plus your costs for creating the CF cover if I didn't have to send it in!
    03-07-10 10:33 PM
  14. sc3800gsx's Avatar
    Only issue would be the aftermarket covers dont come with the OEM padding. http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w.../FF/F958-3.jpg

    Sending in your old cover would insure same fitment as before. Buying the ebay parts would bring the price up a bit, I was trying to keep this affordable based on the materials I need to use to make this happen. If I were to buy the covers on ebay and do it that way I might as well just sell them you know and try to make a profit for it as that is a lot more work.

    I can live without a cover as I have a case for my phone. I could sell the one from my personal phone you see in the pictures for $28 right now and refund the $8 when I receive your old cover back. and work from there and get the next person going. Or you can buy one from ebay and have it sent to me with your address and I will send it back out the same day I receive it. I cant insure fitment on that though, or quality as I have only tested this with OEM BlackBerry parts.

    Like I said, few different ways we can do this, if there is no interest in it. Might be able to work with other BlackBerry battery doors also.
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    I will have doors in by the end of the week, so I guess I will start taking requests. Anyone who wants to go through with this email me at admin @ bayarearacing .org or BBM me at 30Fb8b05 or PM here.
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  16. tehBrad's Avatar
    wow what a nice aston martin
    i would love one of these if i was old enough to have a credit card

    good luck, your cover looks absolutely amazing
    03-07-10 10:43 PM
  17. SMJUCmoose's Avatar
    Just ordered one and he said it will be shipped tonight. These things look great.
    03-07-10 11:36 PM
  18. sc3800gsx's Avatar
    I hope this post doesnt violate any rules. Im not really selling anything, just providing a service to all my friends at CB

    If it does, please mods let me know and I will edit my postings. As a forum owner myself I would be weary of a post like this as well quickly glancing over it.
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    03-08-10 12:29 AM
  19. euphoria_bb's Avatar
    Looks interesting and wonder if it will fit my 9520? how do i go about ordering one from the TS
    03-08-10 01:14 AM
  20. sc3800gsx's Avatar
    Looks interesting and wonder if it will fit my 9520? how do i go about ordering one from the TS
    Should as I dont think the 9550 and 9520 have different battery doors.
    03-08-10 01:24 AM
  21. BigDawgOfThemAll's Avatar
    you guys are lazy!!!!!!

    O sure sc8300 go ahead an try to scam these people

    simple search on google and ebay pulled up multiple websites that sell these for $8

    Here is one..http://www.skinit.com/index.php?affiliate=adw1&utm_source=google&utm_med ium=cpc&utm_term=blackberry%20skins&utm_content={K _CREATIVE_HEADLINE}&utm_campaign=KEYWORDS+LAUNCHER &gclid=CPbWwtjKqKACFUde2godNlsVag

    Carbon Blackberry Storm Skin | iStyles Premium Fashion Accessories for iPhone, iPod, PSP, Nintendo, Blackberry, Treo, Gaming Consoles and more


    Blackberry Storm Vinyl Skin Kit ~ Carbon Fiber Weave - eBay (item 330353569125 end time Mar-17-10 15:38:49 PDT)

    Unique Skins: Cell Phone Skins, Laptop Skins, IPod Skins, Gaming Skins, Mobile Phones Skins

    Many more websites out there

    Do a search on google for "Vinyl blackberry carbon"

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  22. sc3800gsx's Avatar
    Ok Vinyl blackberry carbon - Google Search

    First result:

    Nothing for the Storm 2


    Does that really look real to you?

    And the rest are nothing.

    This is industrial grade 3M material being applied using proper automotive products and clear.

    only thing I see close is this piece on the bottom of the page, and all he is doing is selling you a tiny piece of cut material for $16usd + shipping. Obviously im not doing this for profit.
    eBay.com.sg: BlackBerry Bold Onyx 9700 Bottom Cover CARBON FIBER (item 270518749829 end time Feb 20, 2010 11:22:20 SGT)

    I shipped out a non cleared textured one today. Wait until you hear feedback. It has a nice soft touch and a weave texture, feels good in the hand.
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    03-08-10 04:04 AM
  23. jbdale's Avatar
    you guys are lazy!!!!!!

    O sure sc8300 go ahead an try to scam these people

    These are examples of you get what you pay for, which would be crap.
    03-08-10 06:57 AM
  24. SMJUCmoose's Avatar
    How is this a scam? no one here HAS to buy it. I think its the best looking carbon battery door I've seen, thats why I've ordered one.
    03-08-10 08:47 AM
  25. grayzweb's Avatar
    I think these look good! Willing to give it a shot. I'm sending sc8300 a message to send my door in.
    03-08-10 08:52 AM
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