1. Bighomedog11's Avatar
    Hey for some reason my blackberry storm wont charge. I bought a new battery for it and I am using a wall charger. When try to charge it the clock comes up and it charges but when i try to browser around on the phone it stops charging. I am wondering why does it do this? And in order for me to get it to charge again i have to unplug it and plug it back into the charger. And sometimes it wont even charge.

    I have removed all my applications just incase one of them could have a bug in it and it still wont charge
    07-29-10 06:13 PM
  2. 1812dave's Avatar
    do you have another USB cable you can use with a computer, to see if there might be something wrong with the charger or cable?
    07-29-10 06:17 PM
  3. Bighomedog11's Avatar
    No, but i am going to get one to see
    07-29-10 06:19 PM
  4. Bighomedog11's Avatar
    I got another charger, And it still wont charge. The red light will come on but then it will go right back off.
    07-31-10 01:47 AM
  5. chuckh0308's Avatar
    Are you using an OEM charger? Or one from another reputable vendor such as Seidio? The BB's seem to be sensitive to aftermarket chargers, although if you've tried two different ones that may not be your problem. Perhaps the charging port is broken?
    07-31-10 02:12 AM
  6. Krypto's Avatar
    I'm personally leaning towards it being a problem with an aftermarket charger until I hear otherwise. Have you tried with an actual BlackBerry charger?
    07-31-10 04:15 AM
  7. kmflame's Avatar
    I actually have the same problem.... A car charger and a wall charger, If it just stands stills it is fine but if i start navegating it stops charging...

    btw both chargers are official from blackberry
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    07-31-10 04:25 AM
  8. madcat23's Avatar
    i got a new s2 today (dropped my beloved highly modified bold, RIP) the usb charger works but the brand new BB charger doesnt i dont have any other microusb charges but have 5 charges for the bold.

    as soon as i got the unit i upgraded to .713
    07-31-10 03:27 PM