1. Vikx's Avatar
    Hi New here,

    Wonder if you can help, I work for the ICT team, and one of our top managers has a blackberry storm, he is the only one here who as one, he is out of the office and has emailed in saying that he has an error when browsing on the web on the storm.

    this is his email he sent to his PA which was sent to us

    "Toby is having a problem trying to load the ‘www’ pages on his Storm BB. He can get the browser – then google – then requests a page and it comes up with “invalid entry 360 my web”

    Any one got any ideas? Thanks

    Ps sorry if this has already been posted else where, tried to search but couldnt find anything.
    07-20-10 09:56 AM
  2. gregs87's Avatar
    Did he try to pull the battery out? He can also try to resend service books (under options). Also suggest he get operamini browser...much faster than BB browser.
    07-20-10 10:27 AM