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    Ok so I can't remember what OS's I have had this issue with or if it's all of them, but it's kinda annoying. I work in a building and unless I'm on break I have no service. But when I go on break I will try and use the internet and sometimes the page just wont load, it times out and I have to pull my battery to get it to work. This is the most common issue I see this all the time.

    issue #2 - Same thing, sometimes I lose my service and when I go on break my radio won't turn on. I hit the "manage connections" to turn it on and it just won't turn on and sometimes it takes multiple battery pulls. (This hasn't happened lately so it might be an older OS problem)

    Issue #3 on .122 sometimes when my phone is in my pocket and its not touched for awhile it goes into standby mode.
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