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    I am hoping somebody out there will be able to help me with my situation, I have look around the Forum and have found nothing that will help with the situation at hand.. I decided to do a Wireless Software update on my Blackberry 8530 (Sprint) and as the process began it came to a halt. The overall Restore Progress is stuck at 1% and the Current Database: BBGroups is stuck at 69%. I figured that I would take some time so I ran this update before going to bed last night, Well 9 hrs later and we are still stuck at the same progress. I tried to do a battery pull and that didnt do much, The device reset and automatically restarted the update freezing at the same exact place. There is no option to cancel the update and it will not allow me to even access my BB home page, Any suggestions would be great...


    www asr808 dot com
    07-13-10 04:17 PM
  2. gregs87's Avatar
    Have you tried plugging into your computer and doing the update through desktop mananager?
    07-13-10 05:14 PM