1. Wclare's Avatar
    I am trying to establish a wireless data connection between my TomTom rider (2nd Edition) and Blackberry Storm (9530). I have a Verizon account with data services ( I can get to and search the internet on the Storm.

    The Bluetooth connection and connection to the phone seem to be OK. I have downloaded the phonebook from the Storm to the TomTom and I am able to make and hear phonecalls.

    The problem is when I try services like getting weather or traffic info. As soon as I hit the button (Weather or traffic) the TomTom asks if I want to set up a wireless data connection. As soon as I say yes the TomTom tries to connect to the Storm but the Storm automatically terminates the Bluetooth connection The TomTom will ask if I want to set it up manually but I dont know where to get the data I need to set up the manula connection. Things like DHCP, DNS Server, Dial number, Login script, etc..

    ANY help in resolving this so I can get the full functionality frommy TomTom and Stom would be appreciated.
    06-07-09 05:46 AM
  2. CapitolEnergy's Avatar
    Were you ever able to resolve this problem? I am having the same issue.
    01-23-10 11:59 AM
  3. TestaVette's Avatar
    same here and it was only with the new 5.0 4.7 worked fine... tom tom. along with their maps have horrible support... jus bought the newest tom tom and it doesnt have any road info here thats new in the last 10 years, theres been tons of development here, even tho I live in a metropolis... tom tom hasnt even takin the time, and they suggest me buying the newest maps or it... wtf im thinkin i jus bought this new, shouldnt it have the most up to date maps?? ill never go tom tom again.... I miss my Garmin...had everythng in my city
    01-24-10 12:17 PM
  4. bfriskey's Avatar
    Yep, tomtom support is no existent... OLD MAPS .. Useless for the most part and Yes I have the latest maps and equipment also..... Any help for the DUN on Verizon??
    08-14-10 03:17 PM