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    I am seriously considering upgrading my OS. Probably wont be anytime soon but I would like to have this knowledge before I even consider doing this. I have read through all many of the threads regarding upgrading you phone and should not be do challenging. Since I have successfully flashed my xbox 360 shouldn’t be too difficult to update my bb OS.

    My computer died a few months back and instead of getting my own laptop my wife decided to just get a really nice laptop and we would just share that.

    Now after reading the threads on upgrading your OS, I see I will need to uninstall the current DM and install the leaked version. My concern is that since we share the laptop (both have Admin authority) I am pretty sure my wife will not want to upgrade her OS, so does anyone now if the user account profiles are separate since we are both admins. Meaning… if I delete and install a new DM on my user account profile will it affect my wife’s DM when she connects her bb?

    Hopefully this makes sense and if there is already thread talking about this that I was unable to locate please point me in the right direction.

    05-20-09 12:33 PM