1. PavementPilot's Avatar
    I downloaded and installed Winamp. I set the settings for portable. I created a playlist in the Winamp program in the portable frame. I selected audiobook files from my BB for the playlist. When I disconnected by BB, and ran the Media Player, the playlist was there. I tried playing the playlist and got an error that said there is no valid files in the playlist to play. What gives. I know the files will play, as I have used them before. Any help or ideas please.
    02-08-09 10:59 PM
  2. thekC's Avatar
    Do the files have DRM? ie: did you get them from iTunes or the like?
    02-08-09 11:02 PM
  3. Thrangor's Avatar
    WinAmp remote works great for me.

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    02-08-09 11:02 PM
  4. PavementPilot's Avatar
    Nope not DRM. I am not using Remote. I am trying to use Winamp to make playlists as most of my audiobooks are extensive for file count.
    02-08-09 11:04 PM
  5. thekC's Avatar
    I have no idea then, hopefully someone will have an answer, I use winamp like crazy and haven't had this problem before. Good luck.
    02-08-09 11:05 PM
  6. PavementPilot's Avatar
    I double checked the PL format and it is M3U. Go figure.
    02-08-09 11:17 PM
  7. thekC's Avatar
    I double checked the PL format and it is M3U. Go figure.

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    02-08-09 11:18 PM