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    Like many on here, I started paying attention to the Storm in mid June. I tried to read every forum, thread and blog on this device. I watched an array of youtube videos on the Storm, read and listened to every conceivable review on the handset. Read praises, criticisms, concerns, speculations...etc. I have played with the device and for the most part, its a marvel. But like most new devices, there is going to be a learning curve on this puppy, and yes the handset does have some issues. Nevertheless, it has wonderful potential. After all this info, I have a number of observations.

    1. If this phone becomes a bust, so what?....the sun will continue to rise, the Earth will continue to spin on its axis and life will continue to go on. And guess what, with the way technology is heading in the handset industry, there will be a bigger and better mousetrap just around the corner to allow us to repeat the same joyous experience with the Storm (hehe).

    2. This phone isn't the Holy Grail or The Ten Commandments itched into a piece of stone by the finger of God...its a phone. A phone that may or may not improve the productivity in our lives.

    3. Most of us are in a win/win situation. Its a money back guarantee. You can testdrive this device and if you don't like it, you can return the Storm and get your money back. What's better than that? In the meantime, you get to play with the phone and hopefully, when more updates occur, the functionality of the phone will improve.

    4. I like the passion most of us have regarding this device, and I love a good debate. But is it possible to make the point without tossing F-Bombs and insulting other people in order to make a point?

    With that being said....HAVE A NICE DAY!
    11-24-08 03:42 PM
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    ^^^^^ Exactly.... This site is supposed to be helpful and a majority of the people post helpful (or funny) topics. The F-bombs are really not required.... unless you're really really passionate about your significant other (if so, pictures would be required)

    11-24-08 03:51 PM