1. dracus's Avatar
    I am having an odd rebooting issue. I've seen this happen with each os I have tried, except maybe .75. I don't really know as I didn't have .75 that long.

    Here is basically what happens, nearly everytime I get a call from someone on a cricket phone as soon a I hang up the call my phone immediately reboots. With hybrid 106 it would sometimes, immediatly reboot as soon as it rang. I am happy to see its stopped doing that with .109. It doesn't happen everytime just nearly every time. It also happens when I place a call to a cricket customer.

    Im currently running .109 and today, it has reboot 3 times in 4 hours. Each time I've called the same person. This is no more or less than the other betas and hybrids I've used.

    I'm not really sure what to do about this. I have two clients I speak with all the time. Unforunately, they both are on cricket and practically everytime I call them I end up with a reboot.

    Any thoughts? It took me a while to figure this out as I thought random reboots were beta os issues but I've now ruled that out at least for a majority of the random reboots.
    02-25-09 10:37 PM
  2. patrick64's Avatar
    I've had random reboots with .109. Never had it with .103. My reboots occur when I'm using BBM. Kind of a nuisance when someone is trying to call me while the phone is rebooting and not knowing someone was calling until they say that they tried to call me.

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    02-25-09 10:44 PM
  3. BlackStorm72's Avatar
    This tells me to NOT call Cricket People! Ahh!
    J/k. I never had this problem before, and it's just only Cricket people? So like Verizon, AT&T, etc. people are fine? No reboots?
    02-25-09 11:02 PM
  4. gawad619's Avatar
    thats weird cuz when i had .75 my phone ALWAYS REBOOTED WHEN I WAS BBMING IT KILLED MEEEEE especially when i write somethin long n than boom it reboots n everything got erased!!!
    or if im typng 3 messages at once n in the middle of the 2nd message it reboots....
    but since i upgraded i havent had not 1 reboot never these phones reactin diff are gettin weirder n weirder....
    02-26-09 05:25 AM