1. rtw371's Avatar
    Why can I make a phone call, one of the core functions of the phone, from a Bold in 2 steps, but it takes 6 steps on a Storm?

    Bold: 1) type name, 2) click on the number you want to dial

    Storm: 1) select phone, 2) turn on keyboard, 3) type name, 4) select name to display phone #s, 5) select phone # to dial, 6) reconfirm # to be dialed from pop-up menu

    Why don't they make the software do the following:

    1) select phone, 2) type name (keyboard pops up automatically), 3) select # to dial (name expands automatically like on a Bold, and there is no reconfirming the # from a menu)

    It sounds whiny but it is annoying to take 3x as many steps to place a simple phone call. I'd do 1 extra step, but 4 is ridiculous.
    01-20-09 10:24 PM
  2. fineazngod's Avatar
    It is a bit tedious. they should rid the reconfirming part.
    01-20-09 10:40 PM