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    All Verizon stores WILL be getting more shipments in before that... If i can get my hands on one earlier(if i don't change my mind on screen gaps aka.. pocket dust collector, loose buttons and a keyboard that you need 2 hands to operate)

    If i can get a hold of one say monday, i should be able to cancel my order right?

    Now i feel like... why should someone be able to walk into a store on monday morning and be able to pick one up when i have to wait 1/2 a month? My order can go either way... the 5th or 15th at this point.

    Yes i understand why... but i'm talking primitive feelings here
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    11-21-08 09:19 PM
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    If it doesn't ship, you should be able to cancel. My coworker has an order that's shipping on the 5th and she plans to keep looking locally.
    11-21-08 09:21 PM