02-08-09 08:14 AM
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    I am running .99 as well. I installed logMaid and immediately did a battery pull at it seems to be working fine. Memory is all over the place, but I have verified that it is clearing the event log hourly.

    On another note: I used jl_cmdr to view the event log, saved it to my PC (text file), checked the file size in windows and it was 162KB and there were 2916 records in the file (I imported to excel to count). So I am not sure how much space the log actually takes, but I guess long term it could get rather large.

    Unfortunately RIM has us trying to manage with 128MB so a 256KB here or a 512KB there can add up. Maybe 256MB or a locked partition of the 1GB on-board device memory would help a bit! So as a result, tons of people are obsessing about the free memory number; maybe myself included!
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    Does anyone have a link for log maid. Thanks
    02-08-09 06:19 AM
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    It is listed under the Free Apps Section:

    I would sugget a battery pull after the install.

    Remember, there are no options and no icon; it simply runs. You can check the log file to verify its existance and you will see it is always the first entry. Click the entry to see the time stamp and it should repeat every 30 minutes!
    02-08-09 08:14 AM
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