1. PensHockey's Avatar
    I want to know who loves there storm? I have had little to no propblems with mine. I got it on original release date and everything works very well. It can get a little glitchy at times but nothing setting it down for a min wont fix. I hear about people on there 3rd 4th 5th storm! I want to know what the heck are you doing? I use the storm for emails, texting, mapping, internet and watch movies. Still no problems. I know that its been said every storm is different they, some people love one OS and others hate the same one.

    I want to hear some good stories about your storm from the people who love them.
    05-13-09 11:38 AM
  2. Roweazie's Avatar
    Im addicted to my storm. I havent had any trouble with my storm, other than installing a leak os.131. But once the Leak OS is installed, everything just run pretty smooth.
    05-13-09 11:43 AM