05-20-09 02:44 PM
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  1. biclocal's Avatar
    I had mine in my lap while driving, and forgot it was there when i got out of my car I was sooooo effing pissed it was ridiculous...but it only left a couple minor scuffs on the "chrome" bezel...I really cant wait till my skin comes in
    11-30-08 04:51 PM
  2. pastorhudson's Avatar
    So.. I didn't drop my storm.. Or anything of that sort.. well I.. I DIDN'T...
    I was with my girlfriend last night.. and she thought it would be cute/flirtatious to put her straw in her water. put her finger on the end to keep some water in the straw, and when she tried to put it on me, she missed and it landed directly on my storm screen..!! OH NO!!! She almost cried on the spot, the screen stopped responding.. I blew the water out from behind the screen, rebooted, and it worked fine.. she's lucky lol.. But I still love her
    Dump her. This is a very bad sign. . .
    11-30-08 04:53 PM
  3. pastorhudson's Avatar
    I had mine in my lap while driving, and forgot it was there when i got out of my car I was sooooo effing pissed it was ridiculous...but it only left a couple minor scuffs on the "chrome" bezel...I really cant wait till my skin comes in
    I did this with my curve several times, I'm so scared it's only a matter of time that I'll do this with my Storm!

    11-30-08 04:54 PM
  4. myselfdotcom's Avatar
    i m so nervous on breaking or making any damage to the phone, I left the phone at home and use another BB..LOL

    jk I dont even like storm
    11-30-08 04:56 PM
  5. 92slammer's Avatar
    i put ghost armor on last night......so hopefully its like a good condom and im well protected
    11-30-08 05:09 PM
  6. PMurray633's Avatar
    Dropped mine last night drunk after watching UF run all over FSU, happened in the parking lot, scratched up where the MUTE button is, but I put a case on it today, and it covers it, so I am good... No one can see it!
    11-30-08 05:19 PM
  7. Hilbe's Avatar
    I am waiting for Otterbox:

    Update for Case #[DELETED] - "BlackBerry Storm"

    We are in the process of making a Defender case for the BlackBerry Storm at this time, but we do not have any release information on it. I would say to keep an eye on our website, as it will have the most up to date information on our products and new cases. Please email me if you have any other questions or concerns.

    Thank you,
    Natasha Meggenberg
    11-30-08 05:33 PM
  8. geekster's Avatar
    My wife was in my computer chair rocking back and forth. She did not realize that I had the power cord going up to my desk to charge the Storm. She caught the cord by accident and whipped it off the desk. Back, Battery, and Storm went flying in different directions. My internal dialog had some choice words. I put her back together, said a prayer to the technology gods and watch her boot up as normal. So far no ill affects.
    11-30-08 05:45 PM
  9. BerryBoy9530's Avatar
    mine somehow fell out of the protective sleeve, out of my pocket and landed screen first. . . The freaking odds. three little dings on the chrome bezel. . . I miss flawless perfection already. These tiny dings are very upsetting to me.
    I know how you feel, I just dropped my Storm today and got a scratch on the chrome and a couple of others under the "end" button. I was leaving work and it somehow fell out of the piece of junk for a carrying case that I have. I was so pissed...I'm returning that case tomorrow and gonna just go back to the rubber skin I was using when I bought the phone.
    12-03-08 07:22 PM
  10. sixstringedmatt's Avatar
    So I was getting my holster out (one I had on an old Curve a friend gave to me) and the phone slipped out as I pulled it up and it jumped probably 2-3 feel in the air, hit my oak coffee table then hit the floor. A MINOR imprint on the metallic edge of the unit very hard to see and no problems thus far!
    12-03-08 07:26 PM
  11. unclecrackberry's Avatar
    I dropped mine in the verizon store. It slipped out of my hand as I was handing to the young lady that was helping me. It bounced off of a display and landed on the carpet. No harm no foul. They should put padding in the entire store.
    12-03-08 07:52 PM
  12. eShawpm's Avatar
    I gave mine the old flip-flip-crash on Saturday onto hardwood floors which did not end well . . . may the screen rest in pieces & thank God for insurance. On an interesting side note, the "phone" part worked fine via handset and bluetooth both via voice command (go figure). At any rate, the new phone from the insurance company should be in tomorrow just in time for .85!

    Oh well, happy handling
    12-29-08 06:10 PM
  13. benzo77's Avatar
    I baby my storm! I work at FedEx and was getting freight out of the back of my truck. When I was closing the rear door my pearl fell out of my front pocket and I crushed it with the door. I was wondering why my door wouldn't close and slammed the phone again. I was so pissed when I realized what I had done.
    12-29-08 06:22 PM
  14. malefactor's Avatar
    I dropped mine in a super market on the hard floor. I was wearing a sweatshirt and i had it in a pocket that faced up, but was not very deep. I bent over to get something and it came sliding out.

    It hit the floor with quite a bit of forward momentum, causing it to slide and bounce a bit after it fell. I think the drop was about 3.5 feet and the distance it bounced was about 2 feet after the drop.

    First thing that went into my mind is that it was doomed

    I had read other stories of people dropping their storms and having horrible things happen like the screen pop off. Lucky for me this was not the case. I could not even find the spot on the phone were it hit the ground.

    Now I only carry it in my front pants pocket. I guess I got lucky
    12-29-08 06:33 PM
  15. coolfroggy26's Avatar
    i was waisted in chicago at a bar. dropped the phone about 5 feet on the floor, hard. the clear case from verizon shaddered into a million pieces on the floor definatly had no case after that. But it saved my phone no problems. but spending 20 dollars every time you drop your phone is not acceptable either... so im pist about that.
    12-29-08 06:41 PM
  16. bobswi's Avatar
    I managed to drop mine in the bin this morning, in one of those grab it quick moments where you end up throwing it, fortunately it landed dead centre in the bin as the sides are metal.
    12-29-08 06:42 PM
  17. meth68's Avatar
    Me + 2 day old storm + 8 friends + vip room + gray goose bottles + drunks...... Oops lol it was a bad bad bad sight trust me
    12-29-08 07:01 PM
  18. Hulagirl2's Avatar
    I don't have a storm, I have a curve. Regardless, reading these posts gives me the dry heaves. I love my berry and protect as if it was my child.
    12-29-08 07:15 PM
  19. gabeevans6364's Avatar
    I am one of those people that drop my phone like its the new "thing", had to invest in a screen protector and a silicon case, works wonders.
    12-29-08 08:34 PM
  20. stormhappy's Avatar
    Fell in the parking lot a couple days ago needless to say my storm just a month old flew about five feet across the way silicone cover had a hole by the mute button and left a nasty ding in my chrome. Had to take in to get checked out cause phone started acting out, ended up with battery pull a full wipe and all is right with my precious storm again thank god.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    12-29-08 09:02 PM
  21. hitman50cal's Avatar
    Dropped mine twice.. Biggest was two days after having it. My friend knocked it out of my hands. I have the vz case on it.. It hit the floor and the case just blew apart~ phone was fine though..my heart and his face aren't.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    12-29-08 09:10 PM
  22. CrimsonClad's Avatar
    Dropped mine one morning as I was taking it out of the cradle (!). It landed on the wood floor, but didn't seem any worse for the wear.
    12-29-08 10:21 PM
  23. anon(1254132)'s Avatar
    Dropped mine tonight leaving the fire station. Hit the concrete from about 3 or so feet up, deep gouges on the chrome piece.
    12-29-08 10:24 PM
  24. zerog6's Avatar
    I just dropped mine getting off the car intro a gravel street. Got a couple of scratches underneath the buttons, i'm angry!
    12-29-08 10:44 PM
  25. Zargon's Avatar
    My daughter managed to find my Storm on the counter and push it off onto the tile floor. Fortunately all that happened was a very faint scratch below the send key.
    12-29-08 11:20 PM
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