1. coley219's Avatar
    i am currently using .103 and when i remove the storm from the holster, often a third of the screen is a white block and it takes a second or 2 for it to sort itself out. anyone else have this problem, its most annoying!! it has happened on all beta updates. any thoughts?
    02-18-09 03:10 PM
  2. jamesandyori's Avatar
    I to get this once in a while, not every time though.

    I'm running .99.
    02-18-09 03:13 PM
  3. Geocache_AZ's Avatar
    I'm on 75 and get it every once in a while. I just shake it until it fizzes. Just kidding.
    02-18-09 04:26 PM
  4. bp22_ca's Avatar
    I'm running the 9530 .106 hybrid and I get it once in a while when I unlock my phone.

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    02-18-09 05:52 PM
  5. gigajoe84's Avatar
    I'm running .103 and gotten it a few times. Sometimes when switching from portrait to landscape clears it up
    02-19-09 10:56 PM