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    Newbie here, glad to be a part of such an environment....

    Ok on with my post...I have recently joined the BlackBerry family with obtaining the Storm.

    I installed the software (DM) on one of my PC's and did NOT install the DM on another PC.

    I have taken several pictures, several movie clips and even sang a couple of voice recordings. And they are there in my phone, I can see, watch and hear all of them.

    However, in my DM the media section is grayed out so there is no transferring of media that way.

    Now if I plug my Storm into the PC that does NOT have the DM then I see a portable device that has two folders....one for the Device Memory and one for the Card Memory. The strange thing is both folders show them being empty.


    If when I make the Storm into a mass storage device, all of those folders show empty as well.


    Yet the photos, movies and voice recordings are still there.

    ...for whatever it's worth - I am a Verizon subscriber.

    Please, if you know the step I am missing here let me know and I will be very appreciative.

    01-05-09 11:54 AM
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    This problem has happened to a few other users. There are two likely situations that can arise. The first, since you said you plugged the device into a computer that didn't have DM that is part of your problem. You need to install either DM or the USB drivers onto that computer for the device to function properly.

    The second is a problem arising from Vista recognizing the device before it recognizes the drives. This problem doesn't happen every time (I never had the problem on my computer) but it seems to be coming up for more users every day. The solution I gave to other people is make sure they had the following options: Media Card Support ON, Encryption Mode OFF, MTP ON, Mass Storage ON, Auto Enable Mass Storage PROMPT. The last one to prompt is the most important because it will have the drives set as priority to be recognized first. If you say yes at the prompt it will give you the f and g drives and if you say no, it will give you the device.

    Finally, welcome to CB and congratulations on the Storm.

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    01-05-09 12:39 PM
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    Did you check the settings on the camera to save to card and not device?????
    01-05-09 12:43 PM
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    Thanks for both replys...I have located all of my media files by: options>memory>Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected "YES".

    I do/did have my camera set to save to the media card...and apparently it was. However, Desktop Manager still is grayed out and will not let me in.

    At least I have located the files with your help and thank you for that.
    01-05-09 04:26 PM
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    However, Desktop Manager still is grayed out and will not let me in.
    I might be understanding you wrong but I think you mean that the Media Manager is still grayed out and not the desktop manager. If it is a problem with the Desktop Manager not working, just restart the computer and try again or go to the BlackBerry site and redownload the desktop manager. If it is a problem with the media manager, do the same thing I said above but download the version that has the media manager.

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    01-05-09 10:37 PM
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    I had the same problem and vzw tech said you need to install the Media Manager option in custom mode. This is not automatically installed when you first install the Blackberry Desktop Manager.
    I am actually doing as I type this.
    01-06-09 01:12 AM
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    Thank you Nachomata - reinstalling the software and choosing to add the Media Manager did the trick...if there were a "feels stupid" emoticon I would insert it here.

    Likewise, Aramak - you were correct, I did mean the Desktop Manager rather than the Device Manager...the acronym DM gets tossed around a lot on here and sometimes I get confused, but only sometimes.

    So the media is found, and I can now see it with the Media Manager.

    Thanks all for your help. Now I head over to the OS threads and debate the
    .85 update....
    01-06-09 09:56 AM