1. teban87's Avatar
    i am completely new to this site and i failed miserably at finding a forum that would mention on how to update a Blackberry Storm 9530 from the v4.7.0.75 to v4.7.0.99 or 099. i am a super noob to this whole bb nation so please forgive my ignorance and little wisdom.

    can anyone please tell me where you can get it from? i did see the performance of a Storm with such update. left me just.. breathless and astonished on such speed and swiftness. somebody please be a hero.

    thanks a bunch.
    02-05-09 06:13 AM
  2. alan8385's Avatar
    start here http://forums.crackberry.com/f132/of...thread-149483/

    You should use some common sense next time and look at the Storm OS/OS Beta Discussion. How could that not be the first place you look for a new OS for this phone....
    02-05-09 06:50 AM