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    A new Blackberry low? Do they think men are that stupid?

    Undercover Actresses Flaunt Their 'MackBerries' in New Marketing Scheme
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    04-23-10 03:08 PM
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    A bit sleazy, I agree...but from reading the article, I'm not sure who exactly, initiated this practice. Somehow, I suspect it might be from someone other than RIM (possibly a 3rd party phone store or some such thing). Anyway, it's the idiots who fall for this that should be shamed more than anything.

    As to your new sig, sorry, but while that may have been your experience with multiple exchanges (and some others as well), my own experience was: one change and the replacement worked perfectly, as advertised and I've been enjoying it ever since.

    04-23-10 03:13 PM
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    While I agree its sleazy and low, there are worse tactics used to market or advertise. Like placing certain items low so that they're at eye level with little kids.

    If you see one of these women with a Pearl, you should tell them, "Hey didn't they discontinue that phone a few years ago? You should really get something better" and pull out your Blackberry. I'm the kind of person that likes to thwart others, so I would think it was funny.
    04-23-10 06:18 PM
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    A new Blackberry low? Do they think men are that stupid?
    To answer your question, yes, they think we're that stupid. And they have a lot of statistics to back them up. It's shown day after day in advertising. . . .

    04-23-10 07:20 PM
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    I'm sold
    04-23-10 07:25 PM