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    Hey, I am planning to start using the media part of my phone more now and wanted to expand to a 16gb card (or higher if it exists/is supported).

    I am wondering what are some good/best cards out there that are fast? I heard there is some sort of class system, however i am not expert in the field, i just want one that i can move data in and out from fast and not have playback issues.

    would something like this be good:
    32GB SD SDHC CARD CLASS 6 CAMERA MEMORY 16G 16GB 32G+++ - eBay (item 400031664333 end time Mar-18-09 05:09:44 PDT)


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    No, that won't work...that's a regular SD card and you need a MICRO SD card. Biggest you can get in the States right now is 16 Gig Class 4, which is a bit faster to write to than a Class 2, which is what the 8 Gig card is. Sometime this Spring the 32 Gig cards should arrive, but they will probably be over $250 and I don't know what class they will be. Toshiba is supposed to be sending a Class 6 16 card, but I don't know when. RIght now you can get a Class 2 16 Gig for around $60 and the Class 4's are running around $80. At least from my quick research.
    02-27-09 03:02 AM
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    Very good price, but i wouldn'y buy it. I don't even know if it supports 32GB crads. I personally always use SanDisk. Check Amazon they always have good prices.
    02-27-09 03:07 AM
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    The card you linked to will not work. Unless I'm missing something, its for a 32GB SD card. The Storm takes MICRO SD. There are different classes related to speed, but I think most of the higher capacity cards tend to also be the faster ones anyways. Also, I don't think it makes much difference as far as listening/watching music and movies, but it will make a difference in transfer speeds and possibly how fast your pictures and thumbnails take to render.

    I've heard that 32GB Micro SD cards are starting to come out but still kinda pricey. The 16GB cards are now just starting to become widely available and I would expect the prices to drop once the 32GB cards start showing up at more places.
    02-27-09 03:08 AM