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    And by hyper I mean full charge to dead/radio off in 5.5 hours with zero use and dark screen.

    This initially happened when I upgraded to .90. I called Verizon, and they recommended a device wipe (but stressed they would be happy to send a replacement if the device wipe didn't work).

    Skeptical, I decided to to give it a shot, and sure enough, their solution worked. My battery life went from 5.5 hours to (without exaggeration) upwards of 3 days with normal use and still have some juice left. I was actually not able to test the full extent of the renewed battery life, because after 3 days I was going to the Philadelphia auto show and wanted a fully charged phone for picture taking purposes.

    Well, last night I had a bit of time and decided to upgrade to .99 (full wipe, 3rd party app backup/install) and I'm having the exact same issue. Since I seem to be the only one on this forum with battery drain this bad, I'm sure it's not OS related, and since the wipe cured my condition before, I'm led to believe it's not battery related either.

    Which leaves 3rd party apps, but truth be told I don't have much installed and didn't really use any of them :

    Google Maps
    Bank Of America Launcher
    Moodio Launcher
    WSJ Reader

    NONE of which I actually used yet post upgrade. After the phone charges I'm going to wipe the phone again, but now I'm concerned since I don't want to have to do this intermittently to maintain a working device.

    So, does anyone have any ideas?
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    I have just updated to 100 on my 9500 and im experiencing poor battery life now... but i haven't given it a good charge yet. When the bars are full that doesn't meant the battery is definitely full. give it a good 12 hour charge see if that helps.
    02-08-09 07:32 AM
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    I tweaked my search settings and pulled up a thread where 4-6 people noticed increased life by uninstalling WeatherBug.

    So, no more WeatherBug. I'll respond to this thread this evening if that helped anything.
    02-08-09 07:44 AM
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    One word: Bluetooth. At least that's the case for me.

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    02-08-09 07:45 AM
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    I'm running .99 with:
    • Documents To Go.
    • Google Maps.
    • Google Sync.
    • Quick Launch.
    • Quick Pull.
    • Repligo Reader (Trial).
    • Sid Meiers Civ 4.
    • VyMail.
    I am not experiencing excessive battery drain. However, after installing Google Maps and activating Latitude, I did notice a greater drain on my battery.

    My Bluetooth transceiver is on all day, but my only BT device (Jawbone 2) gets used (intermittently) between 0600-0730 and 1700-1345 Mon thru Friday without any excessive battery drain.
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    It appears as though Weatherbug was the culprit.
    02-08-09 03:32 PM