1. TheMisses's Avatar
    Just was browsing in the system itself, while it was connected to the laptop. I went to media, BBB, explore. Since the SD card was busy getting something copied onto and DM wasn;t started up I guess the storm defaulted to the device memory instead of the SD card or the field where you get to choose.

    Soooow..... media, bb button, explore, then goto only folder available: System.
    Then there is a file called creationinfo.txt which only seems to hold the characters (when running that particular os ofcourse), a file called preloadcontrol.bak and a file called preloadresult.lst. Both cannot be opened on the device itself.

    Entirely on top of the list is a directory called Samples and it contains...well, locked samples ;-) Icons of cartoonish characters, folder icons, the video of Babylon etc.

    I know there are guides on here showing how to remove, also the tools which are available are used for this purpose I think I remember (haven't tried yet) but the OS needs to be reinstalled then. So... ok. But what about the cartoonish like pics? And the folder icons? Its just a few KB but... I haven't seen them used in my phone yet, so if no one knows what they are for, then I'd rather delete them (either on the phone if possible or from the cod).
    01-19-09 10:09 AM
  2. jjd228's Avatar
    When you create a new folder you can change the icon. And the cartoons can be used for mms messages.
    01-19-09 11:21 AM