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    After browsing the tips and tricks forum and enabling memory cleaning, I read a couple posts by a user mentioning he heard that memory cleaning does have several drawbacks. He said he had heard that memory cleaning is not a godsend because it has several negative consequences but failed to mention what they were.

    In the same topic it was asked several times what these consequences were but no one ever responded.

    Does anyone know the drawbacks to enabling memory cleaning as an icon on your home screen and performing this once a day or so?
    02-13-09 11:15 AM
  2. johnnyvol's Avatar
    I do it quite often with no ill effects. I tried the app, I think it was logmaid, and had a few issues with the app, so I deleted it and just go through the options menu and clean that way.

    I've also found that doing a manual clean through the options menu works better for me than the memory clean item in QuickLaunch. Don't know why, but when I clean through QL, app memory actually went down. YMMV.
    02-13-09 11:18 AM
  3. SaosinEngaged's Avatar
    So you're saying doing a memory clean through options is better than placing a memory clean icon FROM the options menu (not a 3rd party app) on your hs is different?
    02-13-09 11:27 AM
  4. bigman2's Avatar
    There's no real negative aspects to it besides maybe a small performance hit. Of course it doesn't really do what most people think it does. It's not some sort of app memory freeing app, it's an automated secure delete routine, which is why it's under Security Options.
    02-13-09 11:49 AM
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    Okay, so using it does nothing to free application memory and allow the phone to run better?

    Because that was the impression I received from another thread.

    People claim it is a performance enhancer.
    02-13-09 12:11 PM
  6. Detective M Downs's Avatar
    My daily cleaning rountine is; memory cleaner, delete unwanted emails, clean browser cache/cookies/history, delete event log and battery pull. I never have a problem with memory cleaner.
    02-13-09 12:26 PM
  7. bigman2's Avatar
    Okay, so using it does nothing to free application memory and allow the phone to run better?

    Because that was the impression I received from another thread.

    People claim it is a performance enhancer.
    It's not. There are a lot of misconceptions about free app memory and how it relates to phone performance. The Storm doesn't appear to be like the older 8xxx series phones that would delete data when app memory got too low. The Storm will keep chugging along just fine when it's virtually out of free app mem.

    There's really no need to obsess over free app memory levels with the Storm. There is no real magic number where if it's above it will run great, and if its below, will run like crap.
    02-13-09 12:28 PM
  8. latinpride613's Avatar
    I use the memory cleamer that comes with the storm. Running .103 and at 33.6 megs of app memory with about 4 programs running. See no harm.

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    02-13-09 12:29 PM
  9. coreyoli's Avatar
    People Memory Cleaner does NOT free up memory.. Notice it's in the SECURITY section, not MEMORY section...

    It's a security thing, it just clears/overwrites certain parts of memory where secure data is stored...


    P.S. I REALLY wish RIM would rename this option so people would stop thinking it was the z0mg best way to free memory evah!
    02-13-09 12:43 PM
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    ON MY PHONE I went through this drill. Maybe this will help a couple of you folks make a decision. 1st of all Bigman2 is correct...there isn't a magical number that changes performance. I checked this thing every 30 - 90 minutes for 3 days and watched App Memory drain from 49.8 to about 2Mb and the phone worked fine all the way through.

    I had LogMaid running...I deleted it. No performance impacting change...but it works for some, no doubt about that.

    I have the Memory Cleaner running and it is set for every hour. It gives me back 1 - 2Mb when it runs. It does run in security but security programs are also pretty serious memory hogs and the data they retain can chew up App Memory also.

    The memory erosion bugged me at a personal level so I did the following to stop it. I read the post just above this one by Freebirds87 regarding how he deals with battery pulls. I tried Quick Pull. I still had memory erosion but Quick Pull does the same thing as a battery pull and I have set it for 0500. Worked like a charm. I am running at 49.8Mb as I type this...but I haven't done anything with the phone. It's early !!

    Now, does that mean anything operationally...NO !! But am I a happier camper...YES !. It is personal preference on my part that I neutralize the silly memory leak. That seems to be done. Once again...my phone...my rules...

    Theres a lot of really smart guys on this forum...you can identify them by the way they post and what they say. They haven't steered me wrong yet. My Thanks to all of them.

    BTW...the only 3rd party app I run is Weatherbug..and now Quick Pull. Thats not much..but the phone does the rest.
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    02-14-09 11:56 AM