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    I used to buy and sell PDA's and iPods on Ebay. I would usually bid on units that did not work, or were sold as "not tested"

    When they would arrive, I would get excited to turn it on, and see if it worked. Sometimes, I had to open them up, swap out some parts, and then they would work. I would sell the working units back on ebay. Sometimes, I would keep the units that worked, but needed special attention. (I had an ipod that would only turn on when connected to a car charger, but as soon as you unplugged it, it would shut off, I had a Palm pilot that would not turn on if you had something in the card slot).

    So, with all of this in mind, I got used to working with these small electronics that needed some special attention.

    That is how I feel with this Storm. I was so excited to get it. I loved it for the first 30 mins. I hated it the next 12 hours. Now, after having it for 3 days, I get excited when something works (like being able to get online, or being able to type a website on the first try).

    Today was a big day for me. It is the 3rd day of ownership. the big day to decide if I keep it, or return it. After today, I will have to pay a restocking fee. I woke up with the intent to return it. Now that the day is half over, and I was able to type out an email in less then 5 mins (it would have taken me 30 seconds on a desktop keyboard, and maybe would have taken me 2 mins on my old moto q). I have to admit, I am leaning towards keeping it. I still have until 8pm tonight to return it with no fees.

    I think I wanted this storm so bad, that I am putting up with a device that should not have been released until the spring.
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    Its growing on me as well..
    11-24-08 02:26 PM