View Poll Results: What phone did you come from before you had the Storm?

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  • BlackBerry Pearl

    38 10.83%
  • BlackBerry Curve

    55 15.67%
  • Blackberry 8800 series

    35 9.97%
  • Other Blackberry

    9 2.56%
  • iPhone

    21 5.98%
  • Windows OS Phone

    56 15.95%
  • Palm

    26 7.41%
  • Dumb phone - Verizon

    96 27.35%
  • Dumb phone - Other Carrier

    14 3.99%
  • First Cell Phone

    1 0.28%
12-08-08 09:00 AM
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  1. justin5117's Avatar
    Wanted to see where people really where coming from. Didn't know so many people where gonna vote, so specifics would be better!
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    12-07-08 05:36 AM
  2. Sosai X's Avatar
    Former Treo 700p user. Man, that thing's a brick compared to the Storm!
    12-07-08 05:40 AM
  3. justin5117's Avatar
    Did you adjust well from a physical keyboard to the touch keyboard, not gonna lie I kinda miss mine from the BB Curve. But still wouldn't give the Storm up for the world. It's the best phone I ever owned.
    12-07-08 05:41 AM
  4. polorsport's Avatar
    Former Voyager user. I do miss the speed I head with the full qwerty keyboard. I miss G4 on vcast. (not available on there mobile site). But I would never want to go back. The storm is so very user friendly and intuitive in comparison.
    12-07-08 05:49 AM
  5. intay's Avatar
    Former 8830 user from Verizon. I had to switch to another global phone and the storm, while not perfect, is pretty nice.

    Spiteful though at Verizon for not officially updating the OS on the 8830. Verizon still only OFFICIALLY supports os 4.2.2 even though i was running 4.5+
    12-07-08 05:54 AM
  6. noaim's Avatar
    I voted iPhone however I was also sporting a verizon env.. I barely used it but didn't want to close my account with them I had it for a very long time.
    12-07-08 07:08 AM
  7. edenXinfinite's Avatar
    iPhone 3G and Tmo G1, finally retired those two a couple of days ago. I miss having a keyboard but its not a big deal. Overall I'm glad the storm won out.
    12-07-08 07:27 AM
  8. pmas's Avatar
    left the Pearl for the Storm. I have had many issues with the storm, and of course we know it's still buggy, but at this point, i think this is such a cool BB that I wont give it up. If RIM continues to issue OS updates to VZW, this device should kick some major league **** in a few months.
    12-07-08 07:29 AM
  9. WarHog's Avatar
    I had a motorola Razr, then BB 8703 and now 8330 all on Telus.

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    12-07-08 07:30 AM
  10. doxidad's Avatar
    I've been using a Palm for many years. I came to the Storm from a Treo 700p. I love the storm. Now, if I could only find a replacement for 2 applications that I had on the Treo (found similar but not equivalent) I would be REALLY REALLY HAPPY!
    12-07-08 07:39 AM
  11. mordygross's Avatar
    I came from the motorola Q9m. what a POS. that's why I can stand all of the Storm's flaws- the Q9m used to take so long to answer a phone call, that not only did I miss the first time my wife called, I would miss the sixth time- you know the time where she is saying WTF is wrong with your stupid phone. It was the most frustrating phone to use. And it did not help that about two weeks after I got it, they released the Q9c that replaced the CPU- obviously admitting that the one my phone had was trash. I had it replaced 4 times over one year.
    One thing it taught me was to be patient with your phone. And to lower my expectations.
    12-07-08 07:56 AM
  12. Devlyn16's Avatar
    Had a windows based Palm, wasn't sure what to put. So I voted Windows
    12-07-08 08:04 AM
  13. ProphotoGA's Avatar
    Moto Razr V3M
    12-07-08 08:24 AM
  14. Echo4's Avatar
    Razor here
    12-07-08 08:27 AM
  15. fstbusa's Avatar
    Graduated from a pearl to a storm

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    12-07-08 08:39 AM
  16. Schoondog's Avatar
    Left my lg vx9400 mobile tv for the Storm. Missing the vcast capabilities of the old one but Storm more than makes up for that. Still learning to use all the functions though.
    12-07-08 08:47 AM
  17. mrjam3s's Avatar
    had a 8830 WE
    12-07-08 09:08 AM
  18. Opie-and-Anthony-XM-202's Avatar
    It was a major culture shock coming from the Treo 700w but I'm getting used to it.

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    12-07-08 09:16 AM
  19. mfb218's Avatar
    I had a Samsung Alias before my Storm.
    12-07-08 09:17 AM
  20. Heathyr's Avatar
    I had an extremely chubby i760 winmo phone. I love my storm.
    12-07-08 09:21 AM
  21. soiledsunrise's Avatar
    shoot. i had a silver enV, then an Alias, then an orange enV, then the Voyager, and then the Curve, and now the storm. and this is all within 2 years.
    12-07-08 09:38 AM
  22. Maelstrom Prime's Avatar
    I came from a Palm 700p. Completely outdated and can't compare to any of today's PDAs. And there was no clear answer to when the next generation of Palm PDAs would come out. The Storm definitely takes some getting use to, and there was definitely a learning curve. I had to re-enter my Palm contacts into my Blackberry manually via Outlook (The BB Desktop Manager software didn't recognize my version of Palm Desktop). And the click/touch screen felt unnatural at first. But I love the processor, the better browser, and the screen resolution. And the email system is awesome. The fact that it's a world phone is an added bonus, as I tend to travel. Plus, I wanted a phone (next-gen PDA) where I could stay with my carrier. Never had any major problems with coverage with Verizon. So long story short....I'm happy with my new Blackberry.
    12-07-08 09:45 AM
  23. moosc's Avatar
    couldnt you have just modified your first post instead of starting a 2nd thread? maybe you can get mods to merge the 2 threads..

    im coming from a voyager

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    12-07-08 09:54 AM
  24. mahen915's Avatar
    I'm coming from a Voyager. I don't know how I survived this long without BlackBerry before.
    12-07-08 10:00 AM
  25. hbzant22's Avatar
    I had a moto razr with water damage through verizon so that was a slow POS but theb I got my curve also from verizon and I plan on getting the storm if verizon would just let me upgrade early
    12-07-08 10:04 AM
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