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    Well, first off, i would like to point out, that unlike some people here, i went to my local verizon store (rt.10 east hanover) at 9:01, and let me tell you, there were atleast 50 people waiting to get this phone. As i waited in line to play with the BB Storm, i could eavesdroppingly hear stupid blondes and older women comment on how they couldn't figure out how to use the storm and how it was laggy and how it was just not a cool phone and they are going for the dare. I said to myself PISH POSH, software updates will fix all. Until..... it was my turn to play with the pocket sized chunk of goodness. Here we go:

    Body, Fit, Frame:
    This thing is sexy, let me tell you, from the pictures that are on the net, the storm is actually a fraction of the size that i thought it would be, i was very surprised, it felt so great in the hand, it literally felt like it was made to fit in only my hand and that it forms to the crevices of my hand. MY HAND! NOT YOURS! anywho. Aside from it being sexy, when i picked it up, it was light, and so light, i felt like i could snap the storm in half, it wouldn't happen, but it just felt light like a feather and felt like i could break it.

    I would also like to point out as others have done, the buttons do look cheap and feel cheap. But otherwise an awesome looking phone.

    Speed, Power, BOOST!:
    as i was sitting there playing with the jolly old storm, i was going through everything. The OS build was .65, but let me tell you, it was a horrible experience. Rendering web pages, Flipping back and forth, flipping through menu's, it just wasn't a pleasent experience. I understand the OS updates will fix a majority of the issues, but come on people, lets be realistic, theres obviously something very serious that is wrong with this phone, and we just don't know yet.

    Typing, Type, Typing:
    Typing was awesome, i really enjoyed the surepress technology, i don't really want to go into this, because most of you know about it, but it was a genious idea, needs some back up from the updates with OS, and i think this will be a winner, although i did not enjoy typing in landscape mode with the qwerty keyboard, each time i typed i just kept missing what i originally wanted to type, but portrait with multitap was great.

    I really don't know what else to say here, other then i really don't know if im going to be purchasing this phone. I was in love with it, and i still am, but im on the fence and im dead center on this *****, i really don't know.

    ALSO, a side note, one of the storms i played with, had the OTA Upgrade option, soooo, i think OTA is going to be the new thing.
    11-21-08 01:11 PM