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    I tried to search the troubleshooting section, but at 150+ pages, I couldn't read all of it!

    I had to take my phone into Verizon on Monday where they did a hard reset. Ever since, my missed calls are no longer showing up in my call log. Can anyone tell me what to change to make them show up? I get the black box notice when I have a missed call - but when I go back to the log later, there are no missed calls. Only the blue/green handsets for missed / received calls.

    However, if I scroll down to 8/13/10 (before the hard reset) the missed calls are there.

    As of now, unless I just remember whose call I missed, I have no way of going back to see who called.

    Note: I know about going under 'menu' 'call logging' and changing that - but that sends the calls to my 'messages' tab - which I keep hidden. I've always kept that as 'none' both with this phone and my Storm1. That isn't the issue.

    Thanks in advance!
    08-19-10 01:15 AM