1. DocGlenn's Avatar
    I suddenly had a "1" with the blue box (very small) appear in the top-center of my screen. The blue box appears to have a "+" in it with a tiny red "*" to the uppper right of the "+". I looked in my manual and online and can't find anything. I'd really like to know what this means if someone has the answer. Thanks!
    12-26-08 08:22 PM
  2. kiltro's Avatar
    sounds like the facebook application...
    12-26-08 08:25 PM
  3. DocGlenn's Avatar
    You are right! Thanks! I would have never figured that one out since I rarely use Facebook. Thanks again!
    12-26-08 08:35 PM
  4. gordohigh's Avatar
    Hey, It was a nice description though..
    12-26-08 09:20 PM