1. StickShifty's Avatar
    prob a very basic question to some of you but what do the numbers of the OS mean. i know we are running OS version 4.7. but when another version of that OS is created why is it called .118 or .119, .120...? do they keep going up a digit when another OS is created or tested?
    03-07-09 10:45 PM
  2. bigman2's Avatar
    Version numbers really mean whatever the developer wants them to mean. There's no particular rhyme or reason, even with the same developer.

    In the case of RIM, it seems as though they advance the version number every time they create a new build that meets some specific set of criteria for that build.

    Not sure if this would be covered by an NDA or not... Wouldn't think the versioning system would be all that sensitive... So assuming it's not, Crucial might be better able to explain it. Or possibly Sith.
    03-07-09 11:01 PM