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    This last weekend 4/3-4/4 went up to Michigan and used headphones for the first time on the trip up there. I noticed though once while I was up there that while playing music through the speaker that is on my SD card, I lost sound in the middle of the song. I look at the screen and the volume indicator is on the screen showing I had headphones plugged in, but I didn't, and then it went away just after 5secs. maybe and continued playing through the speaker.

    I then thought well maybe its something funky with software. I thought maybe the OS update .607 would fix it or it was just a random occurrence and it would work/fix its self.

    Today though for example my girlfriend was using my Blackberry to play Youtube videos of music she was showing me and she got extremely frustrated with it(I couldn't help but laugh at her) because all of 30sec. into her first video it again showed the volume indicator with headphones plugged in but there were none and it was playing through the speaker just fine before. I told her pick another video and sure enough this time from the start it showed headphones were plugged in. I told her close the browser and reopen. It worked fine then for two whole video and the third about 2mins in, it thought headphones were in again.

    Now I use my Blackberry right now for music while driving because my radio unit got stolen right out of my console(base, faceplate and all) so it is very important to me to have it working. It doesn't matter what I'm doing that uses audio it will cut in and out thinking headphones are in even when using the music player on the blackberry or apps like iHeartRadio or Pandora or BB Browser. Even my ringtones seem to be cutting in and out at the same time this has happened. So it is becoming very annoying. This is the only problem I have ever had with it.

    I was thinking firstly I could go in store to Verizon and ask for a replacement and see if they will do it. I hate to part with my first one though because it has been soo good to me. I'm just not sure how feasible this is since I got mine back in November. I'm not sure if they will, it is usually hit and miss with the store by me whether they will do stuff like this or not.

    I have had really good luck with Verizon's phone support in the past and I could place a call to them and see what they say and if they would be willing to send out a new phone. I know at least for me sometimes they are more accepting and understanding. This is how I got my Blackberry 9 months early is by calling and talking to them.

    Lastly I guess I would turn to the insurance(yes I do have it) but the last time I had to do that I got such a horrible phone. To start it had no logos/barcodes/branding on it at all. Then the phone it self didn't work very well and that is when we called Verizon and asked if I could switch to the Storm 2 early(9 months) and they had no problem with that.

    I'm not sure what else I can do? I have done a few battery pulls throughout this last week but it still happens after. I think this is a hardware issue now and I have no choice but to get it replaced. Anybody else experience this problem?

    I'm looking for opinions on what I should do?

    Edit: If I do end up getting a replacement how easy is it to transfer applications and licenses and stuff for them? If I use the Desktop Manager to back mine up now if I get the new one and restore it on the new device will those apps work fine and all my themes, settings, EMail, SMS, Memos....all that will transfer with ease?
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