1. kramer2750's Avatar
    What is the best screen protector for the storm and how often should they be changed?
    12-03-08 11:25 PM
  2. bwhite757's Avatar
    Personally, if all you're wanting is to protect the screen, and not a full body, just get the screen protectors from Verizon. $8 for 3, and they last quite awhile... Just make sure to clean your screen first with a lint free rag, otherwise you'll trap the dirt and finger prints underneath. Also try not to touch the adhesive part of the protector, otherwise you'll end up with a fingerprint underneath...

    BSE protectors are cheap. I have a full body Ghost Armour on mine, and I love it, however had I seen the BSE (bestskinzever) before I got the ghost armour, I would've went that route. Personal preferrence really, but the BSE skin is actually cheaper than the Verizon protector, although you only get one, it should last a lot longer than what the verizon ones will...

    Just do a SEARCH, there's probably 100's of threads with the same title you got...

    ****Wow that's some complete rambling... 33 hours awake will do that to you...
    12-03-08 11:30 PM
  3. SarahBara9196's Avatar
    Haha I actually still have the factory protector on but I did buy the verizon ones as the guy talked me into it. HOWEVER...today all those vids were posted about the screen being basically scratch proof so I think any will do just fine. To the OP, do a search for the video of the scratch test on the storm and I think you'll agree it probably won't matter much which brand.

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    12-03-08 11:36 PM
  4. Tumaz04's Avatar
    Yea search does you good. But I would personally go with Phantom Skinz. They have a holiday special going on, coupon code is "1holiday2008". What the coupon does is pretty much give you 2 screen protectors for free. But you'll have to buy a Full body protector (which comes with 2 in the package) for 24.95. Shipping is free also, I heard nothing but good things about PS. Good Luck.
    12-03-08 11:43 PM