1. Bezansonn's Avatar
    Heyy its been two weeks now since i bought my storm, and i was wondering what some of the most popular and best applications are. iv been searching on the internet and the crack berry site, but its kinda hard to tell which ones are best. Any ideas on what i should try??
    12-25-08 11:52 PM
  2. anon(96573)'s Avatar

    Merry Christmas

    P.S. I personally use TalkLock, Facebook, Capture It, And the Wallpaper one in my sig,
    12-25-08 11:54 PM
  3. bloodhound01's Avatar
    Nothing for like 5 months.
    12-25-08 11:54 PM
  4. rsarno's Avatar
    i havent tried many, because none of them really strike my interest. google stuff should be good

    scratch that, i did get weatherbug and its pretty cool! id suggest it
    12-25-08 11:55 PM
  5. anon(96573)'s Avatar
    Ohh yeah I too have weatherbug
    12-25-08 11:58 PM
  6. httrdd's Avatar
    I use weatherbug, nav4all, google maps, quick pull, youtube, and many others! They are all free and my memory is still 39.
    Oh yea definitely get talklock.

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    12-26-08 12:03 AM
  7. fossil4422@aol.com's Avatar
    vlingo, weatherbug, vymail, flycast, quickpull, talklock and nav4all
    12-26-08 07:20 AM
  8. 1bora1's Avatar
    i installed talk lock but once i initiate a call , the screen lock thing comes up but the dialpad stays out, wat do i do????
    12-26-08 10:23 AM
  9. httrdd's Avatar
    You need to click the dial pad icon in the lower left corner after you unlock and after you are done click BB Button and select lock that should be all.

    Just so you know a new version came out 1.0.01
    12-26-08 04:50 PM
  10. Clover86's Avatar
    The best apps are really defined by the end user. What may be good for some may not be for others. Play with them and find what works for you and what doesn't.
    12-26-08 05:20 PM
  11. PeteyPete's Avatar
    WSJ, AP Mobile News, Nav4All, GoogleMaps, Google Sync, Flycast
    12-26-08 05:44 PM
  12. bamurphy's Avatar
    Where can i find flycast?
    12-26-08 07:52 PM
  13. fossil4422@aol.com's Avatar
    Sticky App Page
    12-26-08 08:51 PM