1. jsaphoto's Avatar
    So now I am trying to decide between a few apps. Downloaded Viigo, weatherbug, poynt, flycast, slacker mobile, google maps. Now a couple of the programs you see can do the same thing as multi programs. All opinons welcome and here are my choices:

    Viigo or weatherbug,ap news, poynt

    flycast or slacker

    googlemaps or bb maps

    I know if I have weatherbug I need bbmaps installed.

    Just wanted to know if any of you storm junkies have these or all and what you thought the "perfect combination" is. Thanks
    02-15-09 09:15 AM
  2. neolantis's Avatar
    i have a couple of those,
    i hear viigo is the best. and slacker is popular.
    there are a few threads on them if noone answers here so you can get some input. Just search for thread with the name of the app as the keyword
    I personally like bb maps.
    02-15-09 09:22 AM
  3. substring's Avatar
    Among those apps that you listed, the only one that I downloaded was Google Latitude (a.k.a. Google Maps). And it is working perfectly fine on my Storm running .75 OS.

    There is no need to download WeatherBug because you can access the web site through the browser. And from what I have read on this forum, WeatherBug seems to be a problem with app memory. Besides, I don't need constant weather update and very few people do.

    Hope this helps.
    02-15-09 09:25 AM