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    So today i went to verizon to replace my phone cause the left corner of the screen doesn't click anymore. Went there talk to manager the first manager wasn't help full he said that they could ship one out while i keep this phone. Then i spoke to the 2nd manager he was more help full then the first. He took all my info he said that the best thing to do is for me just to wait for them to get a shipment cause its faster then them shipping it to me and i would have to give my phone back to them if i get it ship to my house. He said he usually put some aside for people that have defects or mad customers. He said that he would call me first thing when the shipment comes or if they have a customer return that just didn't like it. He said i'm first in line. He gave me his business card and told me just to email him every 2 days to remind him.

    Hopefully his truth full to his word and not put me in the back burner. i'm going to Email and text him every other day too see if shipment comes in. probably call other areas too.
    11-23-08 04:28 PM